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You're making a polo-movie but do not know what a chukka is....
Deeply interested in playing polo but still walking?

Happy New Polo Season 2013

Camps and Workshops 2013

22nd -24th   (All Levels)

12th-14th   (Alle Levels, Crash)
27th -28th   (Umpireclass)

April 30th. to May 5th (Camp for Adults - all Levels)

14th-16th (Alle Levels)

05th- 7th (Alle Levels)
26th - 31st   11th German Youthcamp (Riders, age from 10 on)


6th-8th September (Alle Levels)

Attention: Reduced Price for all Bookings before Feb 28th!

...a passport to the world!

following the legend, more than two thousand years ago a war between to nations of the antique world was prevented by nothing than a polo game.
Even today, a time without the idea of conquering on horseback - except on romantic fields - polo is much more than just a sport:
Polo is an international spoken language. Polo is a virus, more and more people are falling victim with worldwide and with great pleasure. Polo is an attitude to life which's skills are fairness, braveness, decidedness and team spirit.

Let us invite You

and be our guest on a journey into the world of polo.
No matter which interests madeyou click to our site - if being an absolute polo-greenhorn surching for the right place to start the sport or already an experienced player, an investor looking for polo to invest in, cooperating partner, possible sponsor or investigating journalist. we and all partners in our network are keen to answer your questions and will find the answers at your side.

Jump on the Pony.......

PoloPartner will hold your stirrups, no matter if in Germany, Europe or worldwide, we will start together, the only requirement is your intention to hit the balls by yourself into the goal.
You like to book a course with friends or try to find a club near your hometown? Your company is interested in poloevents for your clients or top-staffmembers? You are searching the best pony for your needs or fellows to play a tournament with? You are thinking about using the most expanding landsport for your economical interests? PoloPartner is your partner to find the solution.

Polo 4 Peace in Berlin

Horses for Heroes and Polo for Peace!

Recently in the United States, soldiers recovering from arm and leg amputations have participated in equine therapy on horses from the Caisson Platoon in Ft. Myer, Virginia, provided through the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association’s “Horses for Heroes” program. This form of therapy has proven to greatly speed up the recovery of balance, muscle tone and patient confidence. (See for more information) Officials in the new Iraqi government want to learn more about equine therapy and equine assisted activities with the objective of training Iraqis in these skills so that the thousands of Iraqi military and civilian amputees can also benefit from these therapies. A delegation of six equestrian experts from Iraq led by Brigadier General Abdulsalam Adnan Alobedy will visit Berlin for one week to start learning the equine therapy as well as visit other institutions of interest such as to the headquarters of Otto Bock, a manufacturer of high-tech artificial limbs, to discuss how the equine therapy can be aided by the newest technological developments in “intelligent” prostheses. 

The Berliner Polo Club v. 1906 and Polo Partner welcome the Iraqui delegation for a friendship chukka

"Polo for Peace"

20th and 21st of September 2008

Schlossgut Schönwalde