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You're making a polo-movie but do not know what a chukka is....
Deeply interested in playing polo but still walking?

International Hubertushunt 2008

For the 6th time we are riding behind hounds and trumpeters to inhale the wonderful smell of the autumn woods of Brandenburg.

30 minutes from Berlin we will meet at the Castle of Liebenberg on the

1st of November 2008

Start will be the holy mass at 10.30 am
Start of the chase at 12.45 am
Halali and Curée at 3.30 pm
casual hunting meal at 4.00 pm

You will be more than welcome to ride with us on your own horse or one of our polo ponies or - if nonrider - following us in one of the crazy driven Landrovers cross country.

All information by invitation flyer (German) Ing.Hubrtusjagd 2008.pdf (476 KB)
by phone at Polopartner +49 30 84108720
or email us with keyword "Hubertushunt".

Capital Contacts the Berlin Embassy

it is thee label of Berlin Excellencies and society:
The magazin Capital Contacts and its network "das Corps".

Grateful that the Berliner Polo Club has found it's place amongst the new elite of Germany's growing capital we invite you to take part of one of the most exciting clubs.

Let's Polo Berlin (294 KB)

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